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The Power of a Woman

Updated: May 4, 2022

Everything God does is intentional. He makes no mistakes neither allows marginal space for error. He is altogether a Master Mind! The infinite, uncreated creator – the One who forever was, and is, and is to come, stepped into time and assessed a tumultuous situation. He in the Person of the Holy Spirit hovered over the world and brought order. God, the awesome, timeless, weariless, changeless, tireless, unfathomable, incredible, indisputable, mysterious God -- created the male species, mankind, the first man and called him Adam. Adam named every creature whether its habitation is land, sea or air – Adam successfully named it. But for Adam, there was no companion. There was no one for which he could relate, deliberate or swap opinions. God said, “it’s not good for the man to be alone. I’ll make him a helper, a companion.” God put Adam into a deep sleep – (like heavy-duty anesthesia) – and took one of his ribs and replaced it with flesh. With that rib, God made the woman and presented her to Adam.

The woman wasn’t an afterthought, neither a revision or an amendment in the plan of God because the male and female species were created beforehand (see Genesis 1). God isn’t tripping! He’s a Master Mind. God intricately and with intentionality made the woman and presented her to Adam at the right time. Everything was in its place. The gardens, the naming of animals by air, land and sea had been established. The gardens or dwelling place were perfectly situated. It was perfection in its finest sense. Adam saw Eve for the first time and his knees buckled. His palms got sweaty. His eyes glared. He was at a loss for words. He was smitten by her beauty – her curves and her overall persona. She was the embodiment of all he could have asked God for except God had it all in the plan way ahead of time. Eve looked just like Adam, yet she had perfect distinguishment that made Adam call her WOMAN. Powerful. Persuasive. Brilliant. Beautiful. Intuitive. Influential…all of that and a bag of chips!

Woman! Created with purpose, destiny and intelligence. Her emergence was critical to Adam’s longevity and sustainability. Her thought-provoking ideas and influence were needed, otherwise he’d be talking to himself. None of the animals knew human thought nor logic. A woman comes on the scene, and everything changes for the better. She has power to influence. She’s powerful in every room whether it’s the board room, court room, and any room in the house! She is the only species in the world who can give birth to another human being. The Holy Spirit hovered over the virgin Mary and BAM…Jesus is conceived! Jesus and Mary attend a wedding and they had run out of wine. Mary speaks to Jesus, and He tells her it’s not time to do miracles just yet. Did that stop her from going after what she desired? Mary summoned Jesus’ disciples and said, “whatever He tells you to do, do it!” Within minutes, Jesus turns water into wine. In fact, it was the best wine, and it was served right before the wedding reception started to wind down. A powerful woman used her influence and was able to prevent societal embarrassment.

Check Sarah who had the promise to give birth to a child – despite her child-bearing years had long gone out the window. Girl’s breasts were sagging. Womb was dried up. And in her opinion, God was taking way too long with this promised child. Old girl Sarah has an idea to speed things up thinking she’s helping God out. She persuades Abraham to sleep with Hagar, the maid. I don’t see anywhere in the scripture where Abraham questioned Sarah’s suggestion. Old boy was persuaded to have a night with Hagar and within in no time, an Ishmael was born. Caused a lot of trouble back then that’s still causing trouble now. Hagar begins to feel like she’s got edge over Sarah. Besides, she gave birth to Abraham’s son and Sarah was still barren. Sensing how Hagar is walking around feeling like she’s finally arrived, Sarah put her foot down and demanded that Hagar and Ishmael hit the road. Abraham having mixed feelings about it all, gives in and sends both Hagar and Ishmael far away. At the appointed time, Sarah’s promise is manifested. God made her laugh alright! All women around the world rejoiced with Sarah.

The power of a woman…if it’s not right with her – the whole family is in turmoil. So, what’s your excuse woman! Why waddle in self-pity, self-sabotage, self-hatred, anger, resentment, unforgiveness, and so on? Why not embrace your unique self and be the best version of woman that you can be? Reinvent yourself if you must but do not sit by the wayside and allow time to rob you. No more excuses woman! Be your powerful self and keep it moving. The world waits for you to wield your power of uniqueness and influence. And to those of you that are already busting a move and making a difference in your worlds – keep going! Keep soaring!

Pam Reece


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